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Mountain Research

analco plate

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Metal cutlery for camping that is made one by one by a traditional method called Japanese metal spinning.

This 004 model boasts the largest area in the series. Boasting a spacious, moderately shallow and double handle, this work is perfect for serving.


ColorSteel Gray
weightWeight: 320g Capacity: 1000ml
Size Diameter 20cm*16.5cm*Depth 4cm Thickness 0.8mm 
Material Stainless Steel 100%(SUS304)
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Note About this product
This product has a matte finish, so fine scuff marks will stand out.
Therefore, the production process will inevitably leave marks, but they are not scratches.
In addition, the base of the handle has individual differences in finish due to the concentration of hand work.

About using this product
If the pot is burned on empty (including frying with oil) or cooked at high heat, the bottom of the pot may be deformed.
the bottom of the body will be deformed.


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