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Healing with a “flame” lit with a twist.

A soothing space created by the flickering of flames that campers love.

Introducing SPYROLL, which reproduces that atmosphere with LEDs.

A 3-way small LED lantern that can be used in a wide range of situations, from everyday to extraordinary, such as outdoors, interior design, and disaster prevention.

It has a 3-way design: ``place'', ``hang'', and ``flashlight'', and is a small lantern, making it convenient to carry.

Another highlight is the soothing light that faithfully reproduces the color temperature of flame, which helps people feel calm, and the unique design of the spiral LED.

In addition to the lantern mode where you can choose from 3 levels of brightness + fluctuation, there is also a flashlight mode that allows you to pinpoint the light like a flashlight.

It can be used in various places such as inside a tent or as a tarp light.

Great for use outside of camping, outdoors, during disasters, and in other situations! It is also recommended for mountain climbing.


AccesoriesTripod, USB charging cord (60cm), carabiner
weightApproximately 76g (tripod: 15g)
Size Body: Diameter 3.3cm x Height 9cm
Tripod: diameter 6.5cm x height 7.7cm
Material ABS/Steel/Polycarbonate
Origin China
Note ■Charging method: DC5V1A (Type-c)
■Battery: Lithium battery 3.7V800mAh
■Light source: LED (bulb color)
■Light flux: 1, Lantern mode: LOW (10lm), Medium (25lm), High (55lm) 2, Flashlight mode: Low (40lm), High (80lm)
■Continuous lighting time: 1, Lantern mode: LOW (10 hours), Medium (5 hours), High (2 hours), Breath (7 hours) 2, Flashlight mode: Low (10 hours), High (5 hours)
■Lighting order: Breath mode → Lantern mode (Low → Medium → High) → Flashlight mode (Low → High)
■Waterproof grade: IPX6


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