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"Eyewear that you want to wear all the time"

Magical spectacles that become sunglasses when the lenses are colored by sunlight.

A single product fulfills the three roles of "anti-glare", "anti-ultraviolet", and "anti-blue light", and the stress-free fit designed for Japanese people keeps your eyes comfortable all day long. will protect.

A dedicated eyeglass craftsman carefully creates each one using old-fashioned techniques. Innovative lenses made by "Nikon Essilor" are used in high-quality frames that are particular about form and materials.

■ Lens features

(1) Photochromic lens
Depending on the amount of UV rays, the density of the lens gradually changes. Outdoors where there is a lot of UV light, the color changes quickly, and in about 1 minute, the lenses will change color like sunglasses, reducing unpleasant glare. When you enter the room, it will become a transparent clear lens in about 3 to 5 minutes, and it will return to the appearance of normal glasses.

(2) Blue light cut
Blue light has a lot of energy and causes eye fatigue. Protect your eyes from harmful blue light emitted from computers and smartphones.

(3) UV protection
Blocks 99.9% of UV rays regardless of lens density. UV rays are shining all year round. UV care is effective in protecting the eyes, which are "bare organs".

(4) Uses an innovative lens (photochromic lens) manufactured by Nikon Essilor, one of the world's largest lens manufacturers.

■Frame features

(1) Highly elastic β-titanium is used for the β-titanium temples. It provides a comfortable fit that gently wraps around the head without the need for adjustment.

(2) Nose Pads The metal parts that support the nose pads are also made of β-titanium, just like the temples, so they fit to the height of the wearer's nose.

(3) Japan Fit It is designed and designed taking into consideration the face and skeleton of Japanese people. The high functionality is also attractive, backed by the advanced technology and high-quality materials of Sabae, the production area of ​​eyeglasses.

(4) Equipped with rubber to prevent slippage in modern active scenes, improving the fit and providing comfortable wearing comfort all day long.

■ Collaboration brand " BJ CLASSIC COLLECTION "
In Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, the city of eyeglasses, a dedicated eyeglass craftsman puts her soul into each and every one of them. The simple and classical atmosphere is like a partner who never gets tired of it. An eyewear brand that pursues the "genuine" with a focus on lean and beautiful forms, materials and functionality.


AccesoriesCase, eyeglass wipe
Size 48□21-148
Material Front / Celluloid
Pad / Titanium
Temples / beta titanium
Modern / Rabalon
Origin Sabae, Japan
Note Dimmable lenses, blue light cut, UV protection.


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