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multi water tank

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A new color, Night Black, is now available for QAMAR MULTI WATER TANK, which won the 2022 Good Design Award.

A polygonal tank that doesn't just look good; it can be rotated and used depending on the purpose.

It is designed to be stable no matter which side is the bottom.

The two large and small mouths are equipped with special lids and water cocks as standard.

The wide mouth is large enough to fit your hand in, allowing you to clean the inside of the tank.

Keep it hygienic at all times.

Great for storing and transporting disaster prevention goods, camping supplies, etc.

The body is textured so that it can be stacked horizontally.

You will feel the convenience every time you use it.


Colornight black
weightApproximately 820g
Size Approximately W376 x H376 x D162 mm (*with lid attached)
Material Body/Lid/Polyethylene
Note ■Capacity: Approximately 10-13L (*Depends on the water level)
■Heat-resistant temperature: 70 degrees
■Contents: 1 water tank, 1 wide-mouth/small-mouth lid, 1 original water cock


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