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Compact garden reel 2 (20m)

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A hose reel with the concept of being lightweight and compact.

Since the hose is stored in the main cover, you can wind it up neatly without getting your hands dirty, and protect the hose from deterioration caused by sunlight.

The hose uses a thin type slim hose (inner diameter 7.5mm).

The length of the hose is 20m, and the green and brown hose colors are a calming brown, while the cacao red, lake blue, and tea green horse colors are a slightly deeper gold.

The nozzle is a durable metal type, and the way the water comes out can be switched to 4 patterns.

It also has a dial that allows you to adjust the amount of water at hand.

Cacao Red, Lake Blue, and Tea Green are a series supervised by Ueno Farm's head gardener ``Sayuki Ueno.''


ColorGreen, brown, cacao red, lake blue, tea green
Size W168×D343×H302mm
Material Body/Resin (PP, ABS, POM, etc.)
Nozzle/alloy, resin
Note ■Hose length: 20m (faucet side 2.0m)
■Hose thickness: Inner diameter 7.5mm, Outer diameter 11mm
■Horse color: green, brown/brown Cacao red, lake blue, tea green/gold
[Precautions for use]
Please be sure to close the water faucet after use.
(To prevent product deterioration and damage)


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