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Sengoku Aladdin

portable gas stove

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"SengokuAladdin" is a brand that combines the "Aladdin" brand and the technology of the manufacturer, Sengoku.

The first product is a gas stove that uses a cassette cylinder (sold separately) for fuel and is compact and very convenient to carry.

A stove where you can enjoy the attractive blue flame from every angle.

The design is stylish while continuing tradition.

Inheriting Aladdin's "Blue Frame" design form, it has a cute, rounded silhouette, and its heating function instantly warms up the space.

By using a tornado burner, a beautiful clear blue-colored flame is achieved.

Comes with a storage bag that can also store cassette cylinders.


Colorwhite, green
AccesoriesDedicated storage bag, concept book
*Special cassette cylinder is sold separately.
weightApproximately 5.7kg
Size Main body/W32cmxD33.5cmxH39cm
Note ■Fuel used: Cassette cylinder (dedicated cylinder sold separately)
■Calorific value: 2.0kW (1700kcal/h) ~ 0.8kW (690kcal/h)
■Ignition device: Piezoelectric ignition method
■Attachment/detachment method: Lever type
■Continuous burning time: (strong) approximately 1 hour 40 minutes, (weak) 4 hours 20 minutes
■Safety equipment:
Pressure sensing safety device / Fire extinguishing safety device / Fall fire extinguishing device / Incomplete combustion prevention device


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