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Tetra Drip 02SL

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"Whether traveling or outdoors, I want to drip and drink my favorite coffee."

Have you ever thought so? The coffee dripper you use every morning is usually too heavy and bulky to carry around.

There are many outdoor coffee drippers that can be folded and carried, but they have both advantages and disadvantages, such as lack of stability, being thick even when folded, and being heavy.

Therefore, Tetra Drip was developed with the concept of narrowing down the functions required of a portable dripper to "portability", "stability", and "deliciousness" and achieving both at a high level.


weightDripper about 35g
Size About 132 x 88 x 0.8mm
Material Stainless steel, cowhide
Note specification:
・With exclusive case using cowhide
・High stability and portability with ultra-light weight
・Can extract 3 cups of coffee, compatible with commercially available conical filters
・Can be placed on cups and containers with a diameter of 46 to 128 mm


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