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horn stand long

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A tripas product horn stand that enhances affinity with the field with a design reminiscent of deer horns while being made of iron.

Hang, hang, Tanoshimetal. A fusion of convenience and playfulness.

Three-dimensional feeling that blends into nature.
It has a beautiful shape that looks like a horn growing, and it gently intersects with the light of the lantern.

Craftsmen have carefully finished each one while carefully examining the materials.
The semi-cylindrical body and the "Mekure" of the insertion hole, which are different for each table, are proof of handwork.

Foldable and compact.
You can enjoy the original stand with lightweight and easy assembly.

There are 23 long parts and 11 short parts.
Horn parts can be inserted from both sides, front and back, and can be customized freely.


Accesories1 large antler part, 1 medium antler part, 1 small antler part, fixing key
*Pegs not included
weightWeight: Approx. 3.2 kg (Incl. antler parts) Load capacity: 6kg Front hanging: 6kg in total Back suspension: 2 kg in total Up to 2 kg per antler part
Size Assembled size: 1700mm
Stored size: 940mm
Material Steel


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