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Barbecue stove "Noto" round large

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Taisei's diatomaceous earth stove (charcoal) has excellent heat insulation and thermal efficiency, so you can get enough heat with a small amount of charcoal.

In addition to functionality, we take into consideration every detail, such as the height of the product and the appropriate amount of charcoal, to create our stoves, which are widely used not only in homes but also in Yakiniku restaurants.

Taisei's stove differs from conventional ones in that the ring (handle) is not attached directly to the stove, but is connected to the ring below, and because it is a mechanism that holds the stove as a whole, the parts are designed to be difficult to break. We now have.

The handle of the Noto series stove has a fixed angle of 90 degrees, making it very easy to carry and ideal for carrying.


ColorBlack background/black band
AccesoriesWith wire mesh/casting mesh grill
*The stove body and metal fittings are integrated.
*It is not possible to use the new ring bead and stainless steel cover together.
Size Φ30.5×H16cm
Origin Japan
Note ■Precautions for use:
・Please adjust the fire power and burn time using the ventilation hole.
・Open the ventilation holes fully and light the fire outdoors.
- To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, while using the stove, ventilate the stove 2-3 times per hour to replace it with fresh air.
- If you use the product with the ventilation openings closed, the amount of carbon monoxide generated will increase, so be sure to ventilate the product.
・Please store the stove after it has completely cooled down.
- To prevent tables, etc. from burning or discoloring due to overheating, please use a thick floorboard or non-combustible board when using on a tabletop.
・Do not pour water directly onto the stove or wash it with water. - Stoves made of diatomaceous earth may crack after use, but this does not cause any problems in use.
・Please do not use a blower, etc. as this will trap a lot of air and cause the charcoal to burn strongly and reach high temperatures, causing the stove to burn out quickly.
・When moving the stove, please use thick cotton gloves. Do not use synthetic fiber or rubber gloves as they are dangerous.
・Never use it in a place with poor ventilation such as a closed room or inside a car.
- Always inspect the stove and replace any badly damaged stove or metal fittings.
- Never move or carry the stove with lit charcoal inside it, as it is extremely dangerous.
If you must move it, hold it by the center of the handle.
It is dangerous to move the product by holding the lower part of the handle as the handle may come off. Also, if you have a two-handed handle, be sure to hold it with both hands.


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