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Lantern M320

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Each lantern is carefully handmade one by one, inheriting the technology of Wills & Bates in England, which has been in business since 1912.

It is a historical gear that has been provided to the British and NATO forces, and due to the rise of LED lanterns, it is not currently supplied to the military. It is a lantern that you can feel the warmth of light.

Kerosene is used as fuel, which is safe and cost-effective. Alcohol is used for preheating, but it is very easy to use. Sufficient light can be obtained by pumping about 30 to 40 times.

The frame is die-cast aluminum, which is resistant to corrosion, and the brass tank is matte painted in dark green.

Lighting time is about 10 hours. No need to carry extra fuel for two nights of camping.

Each part wears little and can be easily disassembled, but it is necessary to remove the large nut that holds the frame in order to replace the jet cleaner.


Colorarmy green
AccesoriesJapanese manual, 1 mantle (installed on the main unit)
Size Height: 345mm
Tank capacity: 1L
Note Burning time: (approx.) 10 hours
■Brightness: (approx.) 60W
Note: Always try to burn at full throttle. Do not continue burning in a dark state by lowering the pressure.
The number of pumping times is usually about 30 to 40 times (when the tank is full). Please note that over-pumping will shorten the life of the vaporizer.
Loosen the pressure adjustment knob when storing with fuel.

*Some tanks have thin marks on the bottom and some do not.
*The edges of the glass chimney are wavy due to manual smoothing.
*The enameled hood may have a slight dent.
*Please note that the light shade army green color in the photo is not exactly the same as the tank.
*Since there are minor specifications changes without prior notice, even if some parts differ from the photos, they are not eligible for returns.

[Notes and understanding when purchasing]
Due to the characteristics of the Vaporax, there may be cases where the pump malfunctions (*2) even in normal storage conditions (*1). increase. This is a product that you can maintain and use by yourself.
There are people who do not understand the characteristics of the product after purchase and wish to return or exchange it, but please understand the above before purchasing.
Please contact us for problems such as fundamental combustion defects and exterior scratches.
(*1) This includes new and unused items, as well as cases where the unused period has continued.
(*2) Phenomenon in which oil hardens inside the valve in winter


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