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Grat Stake 18/28

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Flat and wedge-shaped forged pegs that thoroughly pursue the basic functions of camping pegs, such as ease of driving, fixing power, and strength.

Wedge-shaped & flat design

It has a wedge-shaped structure, and the more you stick it in, the more it sticks to the ground, but since it has a flat design, a slight twist creates a large gap and allows you to pull it out easily.This peg has both fixing power and ease of removal.

Easy to put together

The flat design makes it easy to stack and bundle, making it easy to hold multiple pieces in your hand when driving pegs. In addition, since there are few irregularities, it is easy to remove dirt and keep your tool case clean.

Hard to miss

The head shape has a wide area that the hammer hits, making it difficult to miss a hit and ensuring that the hammer hits the ball. Smooth peg driving work is possible because there is little driving loss.

With safety guard

A safety guard is included to prevent the tip of the hook from accidentally hitting your hand when driving the pegs. The guard also plays the role of controlling the driving depth so that the rope can be easily attached and removed.

Compatibility with rope

The hook part has been shaved off diagonally on one side to make it easier to hang the rope. In addition, in order to improve the slippage of the hanging rope, only the corners where the rope hits have a large radius.

compact head

The head part is designed to be compact while ensuring the length of the hook so the rope does not come off and the hole size for pulling it out, minimizing the possibility of the head popping out when driven in.

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weight Grato Stake 18:105g
Grato Stake 28:225g
Size Grato Stake 18:8×35×180mm
Grato stake 28:10×40×280mm
Material Steel/black electrodeposition coating


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