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stainless steel cup

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An evolution of the classic Sierra cup. The cup shape, handle, and memory have all been reviewed and redesigned from scratch.

Redesign the cup shape

We pursued the ease of eating solid foods and drinking liquids that are required of Sierra Cups. We researched all shapes of Sierra cups, reviewed the opening and bottom diameters, and side angles to arrive at the best shape.

3 finger handle

It feels more stable if you hold the handle with three fingers like a regular mug, but for some reason the conventional ones only have two fingers. We have adopted a three-finger handle to make it easier to hold.

Memory is engraved in the center

When pouring water into a kettle, hold the cup with your non-dominant hand, and when scooping water, hold it with your dominant hand. The memory is engraved in the center so that it can be seen even when held with either the left or right hand.

The handle does not get hot

The handle is placed an appropriate distance from the side of the cup so that it is less affected by the flame when heated with a burner. Of course, consideration has been given to ensuring that it is not too far away and becomes difficult to hold.

Plate thickness 0.6mm

This Sierra cup is made of stainless steel, so unlike titanium, it is designed to be durable and long-lasting. The plate thickness used was 0.6mm. If the board thickness is less than this, it will easily become dented.

Compatibility with existing cups

I think there are many people who have multiple Sierra cups. The bottom size of Zane Arts' Sierra Cup is designed so that it can be stacked with other manufacturers' Sierra Cups.

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weight 105g
Full water capacity: 300ml
Size φ105×54mm
Material 18-8 stainless steel
Note -About the appearance of stainless steel Sierra cup-
Please note that dents or scratches may occur during the manufacturing process, but this will not be treated as a defective product.


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