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Okitoma 2

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*Due to this popular item, we will limit the purchase to one per person.


Despite its minimal size, it has created a space where you can sleep and spend time efficiently.
A 1-2 person tent specially designed for camping.

Vertical division of front chamber and inner

Okitoma 2 is an unprecedented tent structure designed with the front chamber and inner tent vertically divided to allow for efficient living inside the tent, with solo and duo camping in mind.

Large opening panel

The door panels and sides are wide open, allowing you to enjoy the view while staying open. The front room has enough space for furniture and a kitchen for two people.

flipping up the panel

If you use the optional Upright Pole 150, you can flip up the doorway panel into a canopy shape. It is best to remove one section of the pole and set it to 120cm.

fully freestanding

It has a completely self-supporting frame structure that allows you to create a tent shape with just the framework, so it can be easily set up using weights such as stones and rocks in situations where it is difficult to drive pegs into the ground.

hanging inner

The inner tent is a hanging type, so it can be set up and taken down without getting the inner tent wet from rain. All bottom corners are hook type, so there is no need to peg the inner part.

used as a shelter

The outframe structure allows you to remove the inner tent and use it as a shelter. Capacity to fully close furniture, kitchen, and cot for two people.

Seats available in the living room

Okitoma 2 comes with a footprint. The front and rear chambers are designed symmetrically, so the footprint can be placed on the front side, allowing it to be used as a sitting-style living room seat.

wide inner tent

The inner tent has enough sleeping space for two people and a place to store luggage. The door panels and side panels are equipped with mesh panels to keep you cool even in hot weather.

lightweight and compact

Okitoma 2 is a two-room tent that can be used comfortably as an all-in-one tent for auto camping, yet it is a well-balanced product that is lightweight and compact for storage.


The fabric is made of polyester ripstop.
By processing silicone on the surface and polyurethane (PU) on the back, we have achieved a high level of tear strength and waterproof performance.
Unlike the commonly used fluorine processing, the silicone coating on the surface has the effect of penetrating into the fabric and significantly increasing tear strength, resulting in a stronger tear strength than the materials used for regular tents, shelters, and tarps. It is now possible to select thin and light fabrics, making it possible to create lightweight and high-strength products.

Water pressure resistance is kept at 1,500 mm for both 50D and 75D, suppressing fabric deterioration due to heat during water pressure (polyurethane) processing and maintaining tear strength.

[About Zane Arts product warranty]
Resold or transferred items are not covered by the warranty as their management status is unclear.

Only products purchased from authorized dealers are covered by the warranty. Please note that if you purchase at a store other than the one listed in the store list on the Zane Arts website or the online store of that retailer, there is a possibility that the item will be resold or transferred, and you may not be covered by the warranty. .

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Accesories・Body x 1 / 50D silicone polyester ripstop ・PU processing (water pressure resistance 1,500mm)
・Inner tent x 1 / Wall: 20D polyester ripstop / Bottom: 70D nylon taffeta ・PU processing (water pressure resistance 1,500mm)
・Footprint x 1 /75D polyester taffeta ・PU processing (water pressure resistance 1,500mm)
・Frame length x 2/Bridge frame x 2 /A7001・Diameter 11mm
・Frame short x 2 / A7001・Diameter 9.5mm
・Peg: Not included
・2.5m rope x 12 / 1.5m rope x 4 / Dyneema reflector specification ・Diameter 2mm
・Repair pipe x 1 /A7001
・Carry bag, pole case, peg/rope case x 1/150D polyester oxford each
[Recommended pegs/required number]
●TO-518/Grato stake 18 x 20 pieces
weight7.2kg (Inner: 1.55kg/Footprint: 0.35kg included)
Size ■Body size: 350cm x 280cm x height 140cm
■Storage size: 65cm x 25cm x 25cm
Note *In order to pursue higher quality and functionality, the manufacturer may change specifications and prices without prior notice. note that.


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