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Grat Stay Crack Coyote

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This rack allows you to efficiently drive pegs by arranging them on the frame and pulling them out all at once using a lifter.

Pull out the required number and work

The included lifter allows you to pull out the required number of pegs from the rack and carry them around, making pegging work much easier. With Grato Stake 28, you can carry 16 bottles at a time.

Sufficient storage capacity

The image shows 32 pieces of Grato Stake 28 and 20 pieces of Grato Stake 18. Even in situations where multiple tents or tarps are set up, it can store enough number of tents and tarps.

General storage example

The image is a sample of the number of products when setting up two products. The number required for Zeku M and Geu is 28 for Grato Stake 28. In addition, this is an example of storing 10 Grato Stake 18 as a spare.

Can also store other companies' products

Although it is compatible with other companies' products other than Grato Stake, it is necessary to use the same manufacturers. In addition, compatibility must be confirmed for products that differ from the general shape of forged pegs.

Partition for lifter/hammer

There is a partition inside the rack so that the included lifter and your hammer can be stored separately from the pegs. The height of the partition can be adjusted according to the length of the hammer.

Transport while lying down

When transporting by car, folding down the rack suppresses the contact noise between the pegs caused by vibration. There is also a pad on the inside top surface to prevent the pegs from popping out during transportation, so you can rest assured.

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Size 220×195×345(h)mm
Material Body/600D polyester/PVC coating
Frame lifter/steel
Note *Grato stake is not included.


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