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The upper ring, central cylinder, and lower funnel diffuse light over a wide area from the sides to directly below. High efficiency rechargeable lantern with maximum 200lm/7h.

illuminate a wide area

Diffused by the top ring, reflected by the central cylinder, and diffused by the bottom funnel. The third element effectively spreads the LED light from the side to the bottom, ensuring that the necessary area within the shelter is illuminated.

shine directly below

Small lanterns are often used in shelters and tents, so they need brightness at hand when eating or reading on the table. A jig is a lantern that can illuminate directly below.

palm size

It is a compact lantern that fits in the palm of your hand despite its high power of up to 200lm. It is portable enough to fit into small spaces such as the side pocket of a bag, so you can carry it smartly.

Rechargeable specification

This is a rechargeable lantern that can be charged repeatedly. Drive for 7 hours (maximum light intensity 200lm) on a single charge. The connection terminal is equipped with the world standard Type-C.

rubber end and screw

The installation part is made of rubber material, so you can rest assured even if it falls. The center part is equipped with a U1/4 inch screw (camera screw standard), so it can be set on a camera tripod.

aluminum heat sink

It has an aluminum heat sink on the top to efficiently dissipate heat from the board. The machined aluminum ring is also a design point of the jig.


You can check the remaining battery power by the number of battery indicators that light up in blue. The battery level display during use is set to 80% or more with 3 lights, 50% or more with 2 lights, and 20% or more with 1 light.

Logo that emerges

When lit, the Zane Arts logo engraved on the central cylinder stands out clearly due to the shading effect. It also has the effect of visually clarifying that the lantern is lit.

4 stage adjustment

There are 4 built-in LEDs. After pressing and holding the power button to turn on the light, if you click within 1 second, the LEDs will turn off one by one in the order of 4 → 3 → 2 → 1. The settings are easy for anyone to use.

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Size Φ44 × 104mm
Material Body: resin Heat sink: aluminum Bottom: rubber Hook/screw: stainless steel
Note Battery: Lithium-ion battery 18650 type
Battery capacity: 9.0Wh (3.65V, 2480mAh)
Brightness: up to 200lm
Color temperature: 3000 Kelvin (warm color)
Irradiation time: 7-55 hours
Charging time: about 3.5 hours
Usable temperature range: -10 to 35℃
Charging temperature range: 0~35℃
Waterproof performance: IPX4
USB external connection: USB Type-C 5V/1.0A


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