Collaboration gear with HAKU that you can use and grow

Our first collaboration with HAKU MOUNTAIN SUPPLY, a camping gear line created entirely to order by a jeans maker in Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture. Introducing flame retardant and water repellent black denim gear. Like jeans, the value changes over time, and you can enjoy the fading of color while using it to make it your own tool.


``HAKU MOUNTAIN SUPPLY'' is a MADE IN IBARA camping gear line created completely to order by a jeans maker with a background in its own sewing and washing factory in Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture. Indigo gear with its unique bright blue color is gaining popularity. We believe in delivering only the necessary quantities to the people who need them, using materials and techniques that are acceptable to us.


Square tarp made of flame retardant and water repellent denim fabric. Jet black with distressed stone washed finish. There are 10 tape rolls and 9 grommets installed, so you can create a variety of tension methods to match your style, such as stealth tension or diamond tension.


As the name suggests, this sacoche can transform its use. It can be used as a sacoche for storing small items, or as a cover for 250 size OD cans when camping. Ideal for storing frequently used small items such as coins, car keys, lighters, fire starters, fire starters, etc.


This tool was developed as an item to prevent gas pipes from getting cold, but now it is often used for decoration. Wrapping it around a gas can creates a calm atmosphere that blends in with the field. Making small items like this in Japan is inevitably expensive, but I wanted to stick to authenticity, so I added them to the lineup.