PRODUCT #02 「Outdoor Kitchen Knife」

PRODUCT #02 “Outdoor Kitchen Knife”

outdoor knife
"Outdoor Kitchen Knife"
Utilizing the forging technology cultivated in Echizen cutlery, a traditional craft of outdoor knives that pursues the visual appeal of knives and the functionality of kitchen knives.

▮ Utilizing Echizen cutlery technology

DVERG is an outdoor brand based in Fukui Prefecture, which is full of nature with mountains, rivers, and the sea. "Echizen Uchihamono" in Fukui Prefecture has a history of 700 years, and is the first cutlery production area in Japan to be designated as a traditional craft. We create shapes and techniques that match the times, and continue to take on new challenges while preserving the spirit and tradition of our predecessors. In this project, we aim to develop highly original cutlery using traditional craft techniques.

▮ Knife visuals x Knife functionality

Unlike cheap mass-produced products for the general public, we use local traditional craft techniques to create highly original knives that cannot be found anywhere else. We are pursuing functionality as a kitchen knife for cooking and a good visual appearance of the knife.

▮Damascus pattern that blends well with the field

The irregular Damascus pattern is reminiscent of contour lines and wood grain, and is familiar with the camping scene. In addition, the unique visuals will set you apart from others, allowing you to create your own camping style. It is one that I would like you to use carefully while enjoying the design. Although it is intended to be used for cooking, it is a high-grade cutlery steel with high potential and is suitable for outdoor activities such as making feather sticks and cutting ropes.

▮ Coreless cutlery steel

For coreless cutlery steel, Takefu Special Steel Co., Ltd. in Fukui Prefecture has obtained a patent for the manufacturing method and cutlery made from this material. It is the latest high-class material that inherits traditional craftsmanship techniques, referring to the "folding forging method" that swordsmiths use to forge steel. A typical kitchen knife has a three-layer structure, but two types of high-quality cutlery steel are forged in 70 layers to improve wear resistance, cutting performance, and breaking strength. It surpasses conventional materials in terms of functionality, and high-quality knives made from this material are also used by professional chefs.

▮Handle that pursues a comfortable grip

We are particular about the shape of the handle, and we are testing multiple patterns with a 3D printer to verify the grip comfort. Micarta is a high quality material that is water resistant and durable. By finishing the surface coarsely, it improves grip and brings out a rugged atmosphere.

▮ Designer Introduction

Yosuke Shimano / Yosuke Shimano ( )

designer. Born in Osaka Prefecture. Graduated from Tama Art University Product Design major in 2011. After working as an eyewear designer for 8 years in Sabae City and New York, he has been living in Switzerland since 2020. Graduated from Lausanne Cantonal School of Fine Arts (ecal), Master of Fine Arts and Crafts Design Advanced Studies. Since his school days, he has been interested in outdoor activities such as trekking and bicycle touring. I like remote areas, and recently spent two weeks living in the jungle in the Peruvian Amazon basin.