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Bespoke +u Small

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We were able to successfully complete all events in 2023.
We will be selling the remaining stock of event-limited products online.
*Due to limited quantities, please limit one item per person.

"+u" exudes dignity as if it were made of real leather.

"+u" is a traditional Japanese Azuma bag with a half-track feel. I made a special order using fabric exclusive to Doberg.

Using a combination of special threads and processing, we use a high-quality material called "High Density Cloth," which is finished with maximum density and is highly windproof and water repellent while also ensuring breathability.

The ratio of polyester to nylon is 60:40, but it looks and feels so wonderful that you might think it's nubuck.

Just like +u's name, ``Add your personality,'' please use +u with whatever you choose that is uniquely you.

*To use it diagonally, an extension belt and STBAND (sold separately) are required.
Extension belts are not available on this site.


Size Length 25cm Width 24cm Depth 6cm
Material Super high density knitted fabric
Polyester: 60%
Nylon: 40%
Origin Japan
Note * The color of the image may differ slightly depending on the PC monitor environment. note that.
*Due to the characteristics of the fabric, there are places where scratches and hits occur. It is not counted as a defect because it cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of processing.
*An extension belt and STBAND (sold separately) are required for cross-body use. Please purchase at Half Track Products.


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