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Bespoke Ballistics lower chair made of high-quality genuine leather.

*Up to 4 legs per person

Made of cowhide leather with an attractive grain texture, available in two colors: black and dark brown.

The armrest is finished in walnut and the frame is finished in black to blend in with the calm atmosphere of genuine leather. The main body is a low type version with the seat height lowered to almost the same height as the Kermit chair.

The seat is made of Gallo full tanned leather with a thickness of around 2 mm and a unique, uneven grain, and a richly expressive leather processed through a special process.

The upper part of the pipe functions as a headrest by connecting the extension.

The seat lining is reinforced with polyester canvas for increased durability. No lining is used on the back, leaving the texture of the leather floor.

Since our establishment in 2002, we have continued to provide the world with outdoor furniture that incorporates an atmospheric worldview based on military and motorcycle designs. We thoroughly pursue not only the appearance but also the functional details that are excellent in usability.

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Protecting with cream first will prevent stains and will last longer. It depends on the condition of the leather, but a good rule of thumb is once every six months. Commercially available semi-aniline creams are recommended. For daily care, remove dirt with a brush or dry cloth. If dirt and moisture are left untreated, they will penetrate into the leather.

Since this product is tanned, it is less durable than chrome tanned, but you can enjoy the texture and change over time. The leather will inevitably expand and contract with continued use, but to ensure long-term use, the back of the seat is reinforced with polyester canvas to increase durability. It will last longer if you give it a break once in a while instead of using it every day.


weightabout 3.5kg
Size Approximately 79cm x 56cm x 65cm (when unfolded)
Approximately 85cm x 56cm x 13.5cm (when stored)
Material Frame: Aluminum/Hinges, bolts: Stainless steel, steel
Armrest: white ash, canary wood
Seat surface: leather
Leather: Gallo (Australian jersey raw leather processed in Japan)
Origin Japan
Note *Because it is a natural material, there are individual differences. The wood (walnut) used for the armrests has different colors and patterns one by one.


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