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POST GENERAL THE ICE ERA is custom made by DVERG in a charcoal color that is compatible with outdoor gear .

The shape is specially designed to efficiently keep 350ml cans, 500ml cans, and PET bottles cold. By fixing them with the included silicone band, the ice pack and the can are always in contact with the ground even inside the cooler box, resulting in a cold retention effect. A design that enhances

It can also be stored perfectly in the DVERG×POST GENERAL soft cooler.

The ice pack itself is frozen to -10℃ or above, and has the ability to keep the temperature at -10℃ for 5 hours. Depending on the performance of the cooler box, it can be used for a longer period of time.


weightApproximately 1,450g
Size w250×d80×h130mm
Material High-density polyethylene (HDPE), silicone
Origin China
Note ・Required freezing time: 10 hours or more
・Please do not use this product for any purpose other than as an ice pack.
・The liquid content is harmless to humans, but it is not edible.
・If the container is damaged and the contents leak out, rinse it with water and do not use it as is.
・Please store out of reach of small children.
・If you do not use it for a long time, please remove the band and store it.
・When keeping refrigerated items cold, you can extend the cold retention time by using them in conjunction with general ice packs.
*This product's melting point (the temperature at which the ice pack melts) and freezing point (the temperature at which the ice pack solidifies) is lower than that of regular ice packs, so it melts faster than regular ice packs. We appreciate your understanding.


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